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Our mission at Love Teach Joy is to be your go to site for second language educational resources. We are here for teachers and parents who want to teach their kids a new language (English and/or Spanish,) incorporating fun and engaging teaching materials. If you are a teacher or a homeschooling parent who is tired of "just using the textbook" and you are ready to start using interactive notebooks, hand-on activities and more, YOU are in the right place!

WE are here to REKINDLE your love of teaching a new language!

If you've ever thought …

I wish I had more time to create great lessons.

I wish we didn’t have to use this heavy textbook with no rhyme or reason.

I wish I had time to make real connections with all my students.

There isn’t enough time to complete all the tasks required of me, outside of teaching.

I’m so tired of not having a work - life balance.

I wish I loved teaching like I did when I first graduated!

… we are here to help!

What is Love Teach Joy and how can we help?

You will find a variety of learning resources to use in your Spanish/English class or homeschool.

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